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Unauthorised Use of Security Cameras or Paranoid Activity ??  



For example a complaint was  received  from a concerned lot owner, where another lot owner apparently had installed a security camera and it was pointed at their balcony. 


This gave the spy’d upon owner the impression that the lot owner and the body corporate was out to get them and this raised a level of animosity between the 2 parties. 


A site visit was organised to gather information and to verify the complaint in question. The offending item was pointed out to the inspector and the wires were pointed out as well. The owner was quite confident that the item was a camera and was pointed directly at their balcony , two floors higher. 


On closer inspection, to the owners surprise the item in question was actually a solar collector for the lights in their private garden area. Then the other two items were also, pointed out "what about this item"  and these items were also a solar collectors and a water fountain. The owner was left embarrassed and provided a bit of amusement for the afternoon.