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STRATA BY LAWS who needs them?? 




Strata by laws have been put in the back seat of  management of strata complexes, but play an important role of being the backbone in the decision making process  with regards to the maintenance of the

building and the uses of common property. 


When driving past a cluster of duplex units, there was one complex that stuck out from the other units. The Colour of the units were not uniform at all, with one side being white and the other side yellow, this was quite a contrast, in this small conservative area. But this shows the importance of the by laws for a consistent Colour or you will end up with a kaleidoscope of colours. 


Car parking is always an issue and the fighting for carparks, incorrect parking and the abuse of common areas, is still difficult to control and manage. Never the less, body corporate continues with the improvement of management techniques and options for the benefits of all owners. 


Making by-laws 


By-laws are a set of rules that a body corporate makes to control and manage


    The Common Property 

    Body Corporate Assets 


    Services and Facilities provided by the body corporate 

    The use of lots. 


The body corporate committee may want to give copies of the by-laws to owners and occupiers, so they know their rights and responsibilities. 


Making and changing by-laws 


A body corporate can make new by-laws, or change its existing ones at any time. 


To do this a body corporate must pass a motion to record a new Community Management Statement that includes changes to the by-laws. It is therefore important for unit owners to attend and participate in body corporate management and decisions.