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Enviromental Checklist (Level 1)

Managing you impact on your business and supply chain is the first step in the demonstration of responsible business practices. Fill out this preliminary form below to benchmark best practices against actual operations.

Please note this is only an preliminary indication of the business exposure and should not be counted as a comprehensive risk management audit.

Environmental Policy

Does your company have a management system and policy in place ?


1 Environmental Management System
Does your company Conform with all Legal and Regulatory Compliance in it's Business jurisdiction ?
Does your company have a documented Environmental System and Procedures for the Business operations ?
Does your company have a forms manual?


2 Environmental Risk Management
Has your company identified impacts in the workplace?
Does your company a risk asessment plan in place?
Does your company have a employee development and training program in place?
Does your company have key perfomance indicators in place? 
Does your company have a policy in favour or equal rights and Non Discrimination ?


3 Management Review
Does your company hold documented management meetings on a 12 monthly basis?
Does your company review corrective actions at these meetings?


4 Environmental Auditing
Does your company currently have a schedule in place to conduct audits regularly?
Have audits been carried out on each element of the system?
Has your company been audited from a supplier or government department?


5 Corrective Action
Does your company have corrective action forms in place?
Does your company close out corrective actions from previous audits?


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