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Body Corporate Costs Hit The Roof

Body Corporate costs hit the roof

This was a recent incident which occurred at a set of 4 units. The incident ended up costing in excess of $100,00 for extensive water damage repairs.

An owner of one of the apartments went away on holidays for 2 weeks. Upon their return they discovered a flooded flat. Unfortunately, and unexpectedly, a tap had been left running during the length of their holiday.

The running tap caused considerable damage, with water soaking the whole of the unit. As you can imagine, the damage did not stop there. The water from the running tap had also damaged the separating fire wall shared by the unit next door.

This caused a bit of a problem as the only way to replace the damaged wall was to have the roof lifted off with a crane. Lifting the roof was the only way for the builders to gain access, allowing them to replace or repair the damaged areas.

The final water damage repairs bill was over $100,000 to replace the wall – $70,000 was to remove and replace roof (including the hiring of the crane) and $30,000 was the cost to replace the common partition fire wall, not to even mention the cost of temporary accommodation for both the lot owners during the repairs. It’s hard to live in a unit without a roof or common wall. The lot owner was also up for $20,000 to repair or replace the internal fittings in their apartment.

Now, that’s quite an expensive holiday!

This post also appears in Strata News #144

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Independent Inspections
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