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Corporate Social Responsibility

A Significant  and Growing Trend amongst Businesses with Supplier Management in the United Nations Global Compact Forums.

Greening your supply chain is the first step in the demonstration of responsible business practices. Fill out this preliminary form below to benchmark best practices against actual operations.

Please note this is only an preliminary indication of the business exposure and should not be counted as a comprehensive risk management audit.

Other supplier programs

Does your company have a green supply accreditation for another supplier ?


1 Governance and General Compliance 
Does your company Conform with all Legal and Regulatory Compliance in it's Business jurisdiction ?
Does your company have a documented Quality System and Procedures for the Business operations ?
Does your company have a business continuity plan?


2 Workplace Relations 
Does your company comply with domestic wage laws relating to minimum wages, overtime and benefits to your staff ?
Does your company Support Collective Bargaining and Freedom of Association ?
Does your company have a employee development and training program in place?
Does your company have a policy against Forced or Child Labour?
Does your company have a policy in favour or equal rights and Non Discrimination ?


3 Health and Safety 
Does your company comply with Health and Safety legislative requirements ?
Does your company have a Health and Safety Policy with all relevant safety procedures in place ?


4 Ethical Business Practices 
Does your company ensure all transactions and supplies provided to the client are accounted for with supporting documentation?
Does your company comply with all local and national regulatory requirements with regard to bribery, corruption and prohibited business practices?
Has your company read and agreed to abide by the supplier code of practice of the client ?


5 Environmental Stewardship 
Does your company comply with Environmental Legislative Requirements ?
Does your company have a plan for monitoring and reporting sustainable and environmental performance ?


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