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ACM is made up of two sheets of .02 inch thick aluminum, thermos bonded to a polyethylene core in a continuous process.  



“PE” panels have a polyethylene core and are slightly cheaper than fire-resistant or “FR” panels, which include fire-retardant minerals in the polyethylene core. 



The Testing  


This material is to be tested to AS 1350-1  

AS 1530.1 isasmall-scale material firetest involving immersing asmall sample ofthe material inafurnace held steady at750°C. 


The Specification


For buildings requiring Type Aand Bconstruction the BCA Deemed to Satisfy provisions addresses two common cases relating to fire performance of external walls: 

·    The cladding istheexterior wall orpart ofthe wall. (BCA Specification C1.1, Sections 3.1(b) &4.1 

(b) apply) Thecladding isan attachment toanexterior wall havingtherequired FRL. (BCA Specification C1.1 Clause 2.4 applies


What Went Wrong 


Builders source materials from overseas as a result of high construction costs in Australia.  

For example a window manufacturer can get the same windows built in china for 30 Percent of the cost in Australia.  That is fine it the quality control is in place to ensure quality of product remains consistent. 


So what if  you substitute the Fire Rated Product (FR) for a lesser grade of material, and is not checked.


A result of a lot of inferior product on the market.



Where are we Now  ?  

An audit was done on the Melbourne buildings, and over 175 buildings were non compliant. 


Queensland Princess Alexandra hospital was found to have 24,000 m2 of Non Compliant Cladding. Initial response was that they would double fire units allocated to the building. The replacement cost about 10 million dollars. 



The Choices we have: 


1 Get the material tested for a cost of $12,000 


1 Engage a fire engineer to assess the product and consider alternate solution. 


2 Replace the material